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  • A Conversation In Beingness w/ LISA CAIRNS

  • Professor ERVIN LASZLO (Interview)

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Nepal Still Needs Our Help!
Yes, there's not much focus now on what happened in Nepal a few weeks ago, but the people there still desperately need our help.   The good folks at Mercy Corps are now efficiently providin [more]
Marshall Lefferts is a lifelong explorer of cosmic geometry, music, the fractal-holographic nature of the cosmos, and unified physics. For more than 37 years he has studied and synthesized a variety o [more]
Marie-Rose Phan-Lê (Interview)
Marie-Rose Phan-Lê has 20+ years’ experience in film/TV production. She has traveled extensively from Hawaii to the Himalayas for her award-winning documentary film and companion book, Talking Sto [more]
HOLISTIC TAROT by Benebell Wen (Review)
The subject of Tarot has maintained through the years an air of deep mystery. Its origins remain unclear, and the debates continue as to what culture it first appeared from.   Benebell Wen [more]
Bill Pfeiffer (Live Webcast Class)
    Bill Pfeiffer aka «Sky Otter» is the founder of Sacred Earth Network which implemented leading edge visions for almost 20 years. In that time, Bill made Russia a “second ho [more]
Ayahuasca Medicine (Don Howard Lawler)
  Don Howard Lawler has immersed himself into South American shamanism for over 45 years, and has worked with thousands of people in traditional ceremonial plant shamanism. His practice is roo [more]
Online Courses Starting in May!
    We are happy to announce that our new Online Webinar Courses will be starting in May! This new and exciting addition to what we've offered here at Archaic Drum for almost 2 [more]
When I asked Lisa Cairns to tell me about herself, she stated that she really didn't know what to say. Further questioning led me to no other information. I then realized in some way that she was, as [more]
A Silent Revolution
As a first hand witness to the vast changes that are now taking place, the question arrives, "What has led the human mind towards its propensity to accumulate a perceived power to a degree that it's O [more]
Robin Rice is an internationally published author, online teacher, social change artist and mentor to world-level leaders. Her writing has been translated into three languages and distributed in ni [more]
3 Steps Towards A Bigger Mojo
Developing ourselves in ways can seem to be a rather daunting task at times. We now live in an era where the spectrum of transformative methods and pathways towards wholeness can instill more confusi [more]
Professor Ervin Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory. His work in recent years has centered on the formulation and development of the “Aka [more]
Upcoming Interview w/ LISA CAIRNS (Video)
Lisa Cairns both speaks very little about herself, and completely reveals herself through her honest dialogues around the experience life itself. Lisa presents talks worldwide with people about no [more]
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Anton Wilson lived his philosophy, and his depth of thought and insights into consciousness and the human mind was, and remains, beyond where any other known human being has dared go. In spi [more]
David Fideler (Book Review)
By Monika Sonntag During the last autumn we experienced here in the South of France thunderstorms of overwhelming dimensions. Ongoing lightning for more than 24 hours with unimaginable amounts of w [more]
Kushin Seisho Maylie Scott
So, I've been rather quiet here over the holidays. With all the noise and activity that goes along with this time of year, I even decided to keep the site on more of a calm level the last couple of we [more]
    WHAT'S LEFT WHEN THE DARK HORN FILLS THE AIR? What’s left when the dark horn fills the air? This won’t scrape the hard light from the eye Won’t tell the old story [more]
Nicolya Christi is a Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Author and Writer. Her first published book - "2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul's Purpose in Conscious Evolution" - (Bear & Co/Inner Traditio [more]

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