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Beat The Winter Doldrums Fast
Beat the dark season winter doldrums with iAwake's astonishing Biofield sound technology! Eric Thompson has discovered a way to infuse sound with subtle yet powerful frequencies from a wide var [more]
We've been conditioned from early on to turn our minds around a myriad of thoughts, ideas, equations, etc., and at times, these were indeed necessary to come to terms with for us to successfully funct [more]
For the past 27 years, Adam C. Hall has brokered, acquired, developed, and redeveloped a broad range of real estate asset classes. He has extensive expertise in structured finance and has raised in ex [more]
Forget God
So, what do I mean by this statement? What was your reaction to the headline? My statement is ultimately meaningless as is your reaction. What I say, and your response to it, is built upon a foundatio [more]
Alan Watts Revisited
Once an Episcopal priest, Alan Watts made a decision to leave the church and never return. At an early age he developed a fascination with Eastern art, and would later be deeply influenced by the East [more]
Pam Montgomery is an author, practitioner and educator of Plant Spirit and Earth Healing. She has been investigating plants and their intelligent spiritual nature since 1986. She is a founding member [more]
Ayahuasca (Nature’s Extraordinary Gift)
On every level, the examples of living in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings are found within nature itself. The stream reaches the shore not by any effort on its part, but by simply allowing [more]
A Life Well Lived
We have in the last few years, entered a whole new phase of existence on the planet. We are now being faced with enormous changes and challenges as never before. So, where does one begin in facing [more]
Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest. At Cambridge University [more]
Terence McKenna And The Alienation of The Body
Terence McKenna was an ethnobotanist, philosopher, author and an avid psychonaut. He focused much on the nature of modern society and culture, offering astonishing insights on the history of mankind a [more]
“The Yage Tapes”  series #3  w/ Dr Richard Grossman
Richard Grossman is a acupuncturist and an Oriental medical doctor, who works extensively with a variety of healing modalities which include herbal medicine, sound healing and ayahuasca. Early [more]
At 18, John Lockley was serving in the South African army as a medic (during the war with Angola in the 1980s) when he had a strong, prophetic dream calling him to train as a Xhosa Sangoma shaman, wit [more]

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