Systemic Overthrow Transformation

Transformation and societyOur complacency towards ourselves as miraculous creatures suspended within an unfathomable universe is literally killing us now. I could meander through a rather large list of theories here as to how we created something as this for ourselves; understanding our dilemma is certainly an important part of transmuting it. We have however, reached a point to where there’s little time left for waiting for answers as to why we’ve allowed such a seemingly destructive reality to unfold.

One undeniable observance is the existence of a few individuals which wield vast amounts of financial influence and “power” which appear to be hell-bent in acquiring even more money and power through the subjugating of those who aren’t of their stature. This is all carried out via a complete disrespect for the planet and life as a whole.

As difficult as it’s been proven to be to go up against these ignorant few, there’s more than likely a viable option waiting for us in here somewhere. The real Power of a good idea, a stable and strong intention, and an unwavering persistence, has throughout history prevailed time and again.


An Inside Job

There appears to be nothing less than a complete overthrow of the current system that now seems to be firmly rooted within western culture and spreading. Just how this should take place needs to be looked at in ways that transcends our usual modes of perception. It seems as though we’re being asked for a profoundly deep introspection individually, to locate and shine the light of pure awareness on all that appears out of harmony within society and ourselves as well.

When we at last gather the courage to face the scary shadows within, we can recognize the phantom-like nature of those shadows. We have at that point brought a little more clarity and healing to ourselves, and in turn, the world as a whole. This is the true and radical transformational overthrow of that which seeks to dominate and control through the full recognition of the law of interbeing and oneness; the transformation of one paves the way for the transformation of the whole.

We have seen this demonstrated within the studies of those such as Rupert Sheldrake within his theory of Morphic Resonance, and the use of Transcendental Meditation in reducing the crime rates within communities in which only a small amount of the population practiced meditation.


Giving Up The “Me”

Our lives are more often than not centered around activities that we feel will bring to us more pleasure or happiness in some way, to pacify what we have thought to be the “me”. All that most of us here ever want is to just be happy. Once we see clearly the source and core impulses of our activity, and at the same time, loosening our grip on our ideas of what this “me” is in essence, we discover a fresh, fertile ground of wisdom and power that is the heart of transformation itself. We have as well been given the opportunity to lay down the heavy load of unexamined ideas and beliefs around each aspect ourselves, others and the world as a whole. It is then that we have been bestowed the power and grace of true transformation for all.


Pulling The Plug

The most effective act to undertake on a physical level to bring about some positive change is to simply stop feeding the giant. We can, in any given moment make a wiser choice as to who and what we’re supporting. When we spend money on a product or service that has been made available by those committing these atrocities against nature and humanity, we are doing nothing less than speeding up the process of our own demise, and giving more power to the killing machine in question. Educating one’s self concerning the policies and practices of those we give our money to and choosing accordingly is our power tool for changing the program for good.

We are now rapidly approaching the end of an era, one that has for far too long brought upon this planet a destruction and disregard of this miracle we call life. It could very well be that we’re reaching the end of humanity now. There’s no shortage it seems of positivists, soothsayers, futurists, etc., who offer us messages of hope from the beyond. I suppose that if we do reach the end of life as we know it, there will be those whistling hope all the way to the gaping abyss of doom.


Ultimately, what is important for us to do at this time, is to expand our awareness of who we are and what we have came here for as participants within the evolution of a species. Our personal choices in how we relate to ourselves and the world around us are of utmost importance at this critical moment in history. The Overthrow of the system that is rapidly killing us could be, in the end, just a choice or two away.



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